What additives are used in waterborne industrial coatings?

In the world of industrial coatings, where durability and performance are paramount, the emergence of waterborne formulations has been a game changer. In order to realise the full potential of waterborne coatings, specialist additives have taken centre stage, transforming waterborne industrial coatings into powerful solutions that excel in terms of protection, aesthetics and application. In this article, we take an in-depth look at the transformative power of additives tailored for waterborne industrial coatings.

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The role of additives in waterborne industrial coatings:
Additives are the alchemists that give waterborne industrial coatings their extraordinary qualities, making them an irresistible choice for a wide range of applications. Let’s take a closer look at the synergies between waterborne coatings and these specialised additives:

Reduced Surface Tension: Formulated to improve the spreading properties of coatings, W-3018 waterborne levelling additive improves the wettability and flow between the coating and the substrate, solving the problem of shrinkage and ensuring the levelling properties of the coating.

Anti-settling performance: W-692 waterborne polyamide wax additive has a stable three-dimensional mesh structure, which improves the settling problem and sagging problem of coatings and inks.

Enhanced Film Gloss: Specially designed W-692 waterborne polyamide wax additive can enhance the viscosity of the colour paste, improve the floating problem, used in the arrangement of waterborne gold and silver powder paints, so that it can increase the gloss and metallic feeling of the paint film.

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Other improved properties with waterborne industrial coatings additives:
Tailor-made additives can give waterborne industrial coatings a range of benefits (we accept your customisation needs, contact us), redefining their role in the industrial sector:

Ultimate protection: Anti-corrosion additives prevent rust and deterioration, ensuring the longevity of the coated surface.

Reliable Adhesion: Enhanced adhesion ensures that coatings are firmly bonded, providing reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

Versatile: Quick-drying additives facilitate fast application, making them ideal for projects that require high efficiency and quick turnaround.

Sustainability: Waterborne coatings with environmentally friendly additives meet sustainability goals, reducing environmental impact without compromising performance.

In the field of waterborne industrial coatings, additives act as architects of excellence, infusing coatings with qualities that exceed traditional expectations. Whether it’s enhancing spreadability, wetting or stability, additives are the embodiment of innovation and precision. Take advantage of the transformative power of additives to push your waterborne industrial coatings to new levels of durability, protection and efficiency, redefining industry standards.

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