Specialised additives suitable for can coatings

Can coatings play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of packaged goods, ensuring safety and maintaining product quality. In order to improve the performance and versatility of can coatings, the can coating sector is beginning to use a class of speciality additives. In this exploration, we’ll reveal the transformative power of additives tailored specifically for can coatings to revolutionise their protection, adhesion and longevity.

Camen Chemical Additives

The science behind can coating additives:
Additives are the catalysts that refine the performance of can coatings, enabling them to meet the rigorous demands of packaging applications. Let’s take a closer look at the science and synergies between can coatings and these specialised additives:

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: The addition of BZ-805A Polyester Phosphate Additive extends the life of the can by creating a barrier that improves the resistance of the can surface to moisture and corrosive substances.

Excellent Adhesion: ADP adhesion additive enhances the adhesion of the coating to the metal substrate, preventing delamination and ensuring that the coating remains intact for a long period of time.

Food Contact Safety: BZ-801 epoxy phosphate additive is designed for food contact applications and ensures that the coating complies with regulatory standards, ensuring the safety of the packaged product and resisting baking at temperatures above 200°C without discolouration.

Chemical Resistance: BZ-805A polyester phosphate additive enhances the chemical resistance of can coatings, enabling them to withstand interactions with a wide range of contents, resist abrasion, and resist scratching to maintain the integrity of the can.

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Enhancing can coating performance with additives:
By adding tailored additives, can coatings reach new levels of reliability and functionality, offering a range of benefits that redefine their role:

Extended Durability: Corrosion-resistant additives strengthen coatings to prevent rust and deterioration of cans, ensuring product freshness and safety.

Guaranteed adhesion: Superior adhesion additives create a strong bond between the coating and the metal surface, preventing the coating from peeling and maintaining a flawless finish.

Regulatory compliance: Additives tailored for food contact applications ensure that coatings meet stringent regulatory requirements, giving both manufacturers and consumers peace of mind.

Long-lasting protection: Chemical-resistant additives enable can coatings to withstand different contents, maintaining the structural integrity of the can and the quality of the product.

The above additives are innovative designers in the field of can coatings, infusing can coatings with the qualities that make for superior packaging. Whether it’s improving corrosion resistance, enhancing adhesion, ensuring food contact safety, or achieving chemical resistance, Camen chemical additives epitomise precision and sophistication. Realise the potential of additives to push your can coatings to new levels of durability, protection and compliance, ensuring product safety and consumer satisfaction.

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