Catalysts Additives

Catalysts additives work on the basis of surface chemistry and reaction kinetics. They typically physically or chemically adsorb with the reactants and provide an environment more conducive to the reaction. It is used in a wide range of industries and plays a key role in areas such as the chemical industry, energy production and environmental protection.

The use of this additive can bring many advantages, they can significantly increase the reaction rate and thus reduce energy consumption and production costs. Secondly, selective catalysis can be achieved, making reactions more specific and reducing the formation of side reaction products. The controllability and stability of the reaction can also be improved.

In coatings, catalysts additives play a vital role. They facilitate chemical reactions in coatings and initiate the polymerisation or cross-linking processes that lead to the drying and curing of coatings. This contributes to increased productivity and reduced processing times for coatings.

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