BZ-805A Polyester Phosphate


Composition: Polyester phosphate
Appearance: colourless to yellowish transparent liquid
Active content: 60%
Application range:
Tinplate, rolled steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys, electroplated surfaces, aluminium-magnesium alloys, plastics and other surface treatments.
Recommended dosage: 0.5-3% of the total formulation (please test the most appropriate dosage before use)
Usage: Can be added before or after grinding.
Characteristics and advantages:

  • BZ-805A Polyester phosphate improves adhesion by direct bonding to metal surfaces, significantly improving the adhesion and fastness of coatings on difficult-to-adhere metals and plastics, significantly improving the water resistance and boiling resistance of coatings as well as salt spray resistance and solvent resistance, hardness and wear resistance are also improved.
  • The adhesion group interacts with the metal surface and the adhesion promoter is well oriented in the substrate, thus improving the adhesion. After stretching, bending, calendering of the pre-painted board, reduce corrosion at the scratch, such as after the salt spray test or water immersion test.
  • The adhesion promoter contains a large number of substrate reactive groups, which can easily cross-link with the hydroxyl groups in the substrate system.
  • It can be used in one-component heat-curing coatings and ink systems such as amino baking paints and closed polyurethane primers. It has a good adhesion promoter effect on cold-rolled and galvanised steel, stainless steel, electroplated substrates and some plastics such as PBT substrates, improves the adhesion of inorganic materials that are difficult to adhere to and increases the chemical resistance of the paint film.
  • Applicable inorganic materials such as: aluminium and its alloy, zinc and its alloy, cold-rolled steel, stainless steel, electroplated parts, inorganic glass, other inorganic materials can also improve part of the solvent resistance such as ketones, benzene scrubbing.

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    Package: 25kg/200kg non-recyclable blue drum.
    Before the product is completely empty, the lid must be tightly closed after use.

    Storage: Keep away from heat and light sources and keep away from light.

    Caution: Good compatibility with the main resin, the amount to be added should be tested to find the best adhesion.

    The above information is based on the product. The above statements are for reference only as the producer’s formula, production process and construction conditions differ.
    The company does not accept any legal responsibility and would appreciate a good test of the dosage before use.
    The Company reserves the right to make improvements to its own products and to make any changes to its specifications without prior notice.

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