Additives for Enhanced Fluorocarbon Coatings

An introduction to fluorocarbon coating additives:
Fluorocarbon coatings revolutionised the world of protective finishes with unrivalled durability, weathering and aesthetics. To further enhance their superior performance, the coatings community has begun to use speciality additives. In this exploration, we will reveal the transformative power of additives tailored specifically to enhance the performance of fluorocarbon coatings.
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The Role of Fluorocarbon Coating Additives:
Additives play a key role in fine-tuning the properties of fluorocarbon coatings and enhancing their performance to meet the needs of different applications. The following are synergies between fluorocarbon coatings and these specialised additives:

Enhanced UV Stability: BP-200 Adhesion UV additives protect against harsh sunlight, extending the life of fluorocarbon coatings and preserving their vibrant colours over time.

Improved Abrasion Resistance: ADP Adhesion additives designed for abrasion resistance enhance the coating’s ability to withstand abrasion, making it a robust choice for high traffic environments.

Enhanced Chemical Protection: BP-100 Adhesion additives form a barrier against penetration of chemical agents, protecting the substrate from corrosion and deterioration.

Areas where fluorocarbon coating additives are commonly used: metal baking paints, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, glass, machinery, wood, PVC, minerals, epoxy, polyamides, polyurethanes, aminosilicone oils, and other industrial areas.

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By integrating tailor-made additives, fluorocarbon coatings reach new levels of performance and versatility, resulting in a range of benefits that redefine protective coatings:

Lasting brilliance: UV stability enhancing additives ensure the longevity of the coating, maintaining the brilliant tone and gloss for years to come.

Durable: The additives improve the abrasion and chemical resistance of the coating, making it resistant to harsh environments and a reliable choice for a wide range of environments.

Camen Chemical are expert designers in the field of fluorocarbon coatings, infusing them with qualities that go beyond traditional protective coatings. Whether it’s improving UV stability, enhancing chemical resistance or promoting adhesion properties, additives are the embodiment of innovation and precision. The addition of additives elevates your fluorocarbon coatings to new levels of durability, aesthetics and performance that will catch the eye and stand the test of time.

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