W-3018 Leveling Additives


Composition: Organically modified polydimethylsiloxane solution
Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid
Density: 1.046
Active part: 30%
Flash point: >100
Refractive index: 1.3960
Solvent: Water
Application: Water-based coatings, water-based inks, leather coatings.
Recommended dosage: 0.1- 1.0% of the total formulation
Usage: Can be added at any stage of the production process.

Properties and advantages:
W-3018 leveling additives is a highly reactive, water-soluble surfactant, which can effectively reduce the surface tension of aqueous systems, improve their spreading ability, enhance leveling, fluidity and wetting of substrates, eliminate brush marks, prevent the production of shrinkage, improve the smoothness of the coating film and anti-bonding ability.

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    25KG non-recyclable blue plastic drum.
    Before the product is empty, the inner and outer lids must be tightly closed after use.

    Storage: Keep away from heat and fire sources and keep away from light.

    Caution: W-3018 will agglomerate into a gel when in contact with concentrated alkali, avoid contact with concentrated alkali.

    The above information is based on the product. The above statements are for reference only as the producer’s formula, production process and construction conditions differ.
    The company does not accept any legal responsibility and would appreciate a good test of the dosage before use.
    The Company reserves the right to make improvements to its own products and to make any changes to its specifications without prior notice.

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