W-692 Anti-Sink Additives


Composition: Modified polyamide wax
Appearance: light yellow translucent paste
Active ingredient: 20%
Application: Water-based coatings, water-based inks, water-based pastes, water-alcohol systems, alcohol-ether systems
Recommended dosage: 0.5-5.0% of the total formulation (please test the most appropriate dosage before use)
Method of use:
Can be added at any time during the production of coatings and inks, dispersion speed 1500RPM, dispersion time 20-30 minutes.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • W-692 Anti-Sink Additives is especially suitable for water-based coating and ink systems and water soluble high polarity systems, adding into the coating body can form a stable three-dimensional mesh structure, excellent thixotropy can improve the anti-settling and anti-sagging performance of coating and ink.
  • Used in water-based colour paste grinding, it can enhance the viscosity of the colour paste, improve the anti-sinking property and floating colour blossom, used in water-based gold and silver powder paint can arrange the gold and silver powder, increase Glossy and metallic paint film.

Fill out the form, usually resumes in 20 minutes

    Package: 18KG non-recyclable iron drum.
    Before the product is completely empty, the lid must be tightly closed after use.

    Storage: Keep away from heat and fire sources and keep away from light.

    Caution: For better anti-settling properties, it is recommended to adjust the PH value ≥ 8.

    The above information is product specific and due to differences in producer formulations, production processes and construction conditions, the above statements are for reference only.
    We do not accept any legal liability and would be grateful if you could test the dosage before use.
    The Company reserves the right to make improvements to its own products and to make any changes to its specifications without prior notice.

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