Additives that make printing inks perform better

The world of printing is a picture of innovation, with every stroke and every dot contributing to the final masterpiece. Behind the scenes, a variety of additives play a vital role in improving the performance, appearance and durability of printing inks. Let’s take an in-depth look at the world of additives and their transformative impact on printing inks.
Camen Chemical Additives

Levelling agents:
Printing ink fluidity is critical to achieving accurate and consistent printing.BZ-333 polyether-modified levelling agent, reduces ink surface tension, improves substrate wetting, and excellent anti-cratering effects enable printers to produce crisp, well-defined prints with perfect detail.

BZ-2400 dispersant can enhance the transparency of pigment and the covering power of solid pigment, and it has good wettability performance and reduces the viscosity of high concentration colour paste grinding.

BZ-6800A silane-modified defoamer eliminates foam generation during production, filling and application. By breaking down surface tension and releasing residual air, the defoamer ensures a smooth, bubble-free coating surface, and is especially effective in eliminating air bubbles in high-viscosity inks.

Adhesion promoters:
BP-100 and BP-200 glass paint adhesion promoters allow printing inks to adhere firmly to a wide range of substrates, from glass to plastic. Adhesion promoters enhance the bond between ink and substrate, ensuring that prints remain intact and vibrant even on challenging surfaces.

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Additives are the unsung heroes that take the quality and functionality of printing inks to new heights. Whether it’s ensuring precise fluidity, dispersion, defoaming and adhesion these additives work together to create attractive, informative and durable prints.

We specialise in formulating additives for printing inks to optimise their performance and visual impact. Contact us to find out how our additives can enhance your printing process and deliver prints that impress.

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