What are some good additives for auto refinish paint

The automotive industry demands coatings that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also stand up to the rigours of the road, and Camen Chemical’s speciality additives are fine-tuning automotive coatings for optimum performance, durability and aesthetics. Let’s take a deeper dive into the world of additives that drive the success of automotive coatings.

Camen Chemical Additives

BZ-333 Polyether Modified Levelling Agent:
This is a water-oil universal levelling agent that reduces the surface tension of the coating, greatly improves substrate wetting, and has excellent anti-cratering effects that increase the smoothness and gloss of the oil surface, making it ideal for automotive and wood coatings.

201P Polyethylene Wax Anti-sinking Additive:
This is a kind of polymer wax with excellent anti-sinking effect, which can be directly dispersed and added into the system without affecting the viscosity. It helps the orientation of matte powder and aluminium-silver powder in the paint film and is very suitable for industrial and automotive coatings such as matte paints, pearlescent paints and aluminium powder paints.

BZ-6358N-1 Acrylate Levelling Agent:
This is an additive for all kinds of solvent-borne coatings with anti-cratering and levelling effect, which can increase gloss and give the coating a long-wave levelling effect, reduce surface tension without affecting recoatability and interlayer adhesion. It will not cause turbidity in varnish and haze in colour paint, and has good compatibility.

BZ-2335 wetting and dispersing agent:
Particularly suitable for solvent-based industrial coatings and automotive coatings polymer dispersant. Dispersing carbon black grinding fast, high blackness. It can be applied to resin-free colour paste, improve the colour spreading of organic pigments, and effectively reduce the viscosity of high concentration colour paste during grinding.

T-12 catalyst:
Organic tin catalyst with high reactivity, good thermal stability and no effect on paint storage. This product is used in primer to accelerate the drying time and shorten the packing and sticking time of the coated objects.

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Summing Up: Creating Excellent Coatings
Automotive coatings must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, and additives are the driving force behind their success. Additives help coatings improve properties such as levelling, dispersing, drying, anti-settling, etc., so they can stand up to any challenge.

At [Camen Chemical], we specialise in formulating additives for automotive coatings to enhance performance and aesthetics. Contact us to learn how our additives can accelerate the excellence of your coatings, suggest your needs, and let us develop a paint for your automotive refinish that contributes to long-lasting beauty and durability.

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