What are some good coil coating additives?

Coil coating additives provide protection and beauty to a variety of surfaces. Behind their impressive performance are specialised additives that enhance their durability, resilience and aesthetics. Let’s take an in-depth look at the additives that make coil coatings shine in a variety of applications.

Camen Chemical Additives

BZ-801 Epoxy Phosphate:
A powerful adhesion additive that improves adhesion of coatings to metal surfaces, thereby increasing film extensibility and impact resistance. It improves adhesion to metal substrates, film flexibility, resistance to boiling, high temperature (above 200°C) and fog resistance. Applicable to polyurethane system, acrylic system and epoxy phenolic system.

BZ-805A polyester phosphate ester: withstanding various conditions
Coil coatings face a wide range of climatic challenges, from rain and snow to hot sun. This additive enables coatings to withstand temperature fluctuations, humidity and environmental contaminants. Whether it is stretching, bending, reducing corrosion at scratches (salt spray test or water immersion test) there is excellent adhesion. This ensures that the coating remains intact and aesthetically pleasing over time.

BZ-404D Highly Evaluated Acrylic Defoamer
This is a powerful defoamer with excellent defoaming and foam inhibiting effects, which can inhibit and eliminate air bubbles generated during the production, filling and construction of coatings, especially for air bubbles generated by the reaction of two-component coatings and higher zinc stearate formulations are very good defoaming effect, the best effect when used in primer.

ADP adhesion promoter
Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces, no discolouration in high temperature baking paint (above 280°C), and does not affect other properties. The additive has good stability and improves film toughness and impact resistance.

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In summary: Enhancing the functionality of coil coatings
Coil coatings are multifunctional solutions that require both durability and aesthetics, and Camen Chemical is the driving force behind making these coatings excel at both. From UV protection to weatherability, from corrosion inhibition to high temperature stability, these additives create coatings that not only protect the surface, but also enhance its visual appeal.

At [Camen Chemical], we specialise in adding additives to coil coatings to enhance their performance and aesthetic appeal. If you need to improve the performance of your coatings, contact us to learn how our additives can enhance your coil coatings.

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