What are the best adhesive and sealant additives to use

In the world of adhesives and sealants, achieving optimum performance requires the addition of more additives than just the base formulation. Specialised additives play a key role in enhancing adhesion, flexibility, durability and overall functionality. These additives are the secret ingredient that transforms ordinary adhesives and sealants into the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Let’s take an in-depth look at the world of additives and their impact on adhesives and sealants.

Camen Chemical Additives

Adhesion promoters: building strong bonds
Adhesion is the foundation of effective adhesives and sealants, and BP-100 and BP-200 adhesion promoters enhance the bond between the adhesive and the substrate, ensuring a secure, long-lasting connection. These additives are especially important when working with challenging surfaces or dissimilar materials.

Defoaming stability:
Bubbles and foam may seem harmless, but in coatings they can lead to uneven surfaces, reduced adhesion and compromised aesthetics.BZ-6800A Defoamer is an additive designed to prevent or eliminate the formation of foam in coatings during mixing, application and curing. By breaking down surface tension and releasing trapped air, defoamers ensure that paint surfaces are smooth and foam-free to the highest quality standards.

Levelling Agents:
Creating a flat, even surface is an important aspect of coatings, and BZ603-1 Levelling Agents improve the flow and spreading properties of coatings, helping them to level out automatically as they dry. Enhances the paint’s ability to fill surface imperfections, resulting in a mirror-like finish that exudes professionalism and precision.

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Additives meet and exceed a wide range of application needs. From enhancing adhesion to ensuring foam disappears, levelling surfaces and more, these additives are the key to creating bonding, protection and long-lasting solutions. By harnessing the power of additives, manufacturers can customise adhesives and sealants for a variety of industries and uses.

At [Camen Chemical], we specialise in formulating additives for adhesives and sealants to enhance their performance and versatility. Contact us to learn how our additives can help you craft adhesive and sealant solutions that bond, protect and deliver superior performance.

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