Epoxy dispersion additives for marine anti-corrosion coatings

The marine environment is one of the most challenging areas for materials, with corrosive salt water and harsh environments causing damage to structures and vessels. Specialised additives added to marine anti-corrosion coatings enhance their ability to withstand these challenges. Let’s explore the world of additives that enable marine coatings to provide strong protection against corrosion.

Camen Chemical Additives

BZ-110C Epoxy Dispersant:
Excellent carbon black dispersion in epoxy systems, reduces pigment grinding time and is less likely to return to roughness. Very stable pigment dispersion for epoxy system, suitable for preparation of pigment concentrates, good compatibility with various resins. Note: To get the full effect, it must be added to the grinding material before putting in the pigment.

BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant:
This dispersant is suitable for the dispersion of epoxy system. It has good dispersing effect on all kinds of colours such as titanium white, red, blue, black, and reduces the grinding time of the pigment, and it is not easy to return to the roughness. It has good compatibility with various resins, reduces viscosity and provides fluidity.

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Marine anti-corrosion coatings face some of the harshest conditions on the planet, and additives are their defence mechanism. From corrosion inhibitors to erosion enhancers, these additives form a comprehensive shield that ensures marine structures and vessels remain protected, resilient and seaworthy.

We specialise in enhancing the ability of marine surfaces to withstand the challenges of the sea. We are also always working on more additives, however a product takes a long time to experiment with, so if you don’t see what you want, please contact us with your requirements and find out how our additives can strengthen your coatings and contribute to the life and performance of marine assets.

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