What is equivalent to BYK-333 surface additive?

We know that BYK-333 is a silicone-containing surface additive for solvent-free, solvent-borne and aqueous coating systems, printing inks and adhesive systems, as well as ambient temperature curing plastic systems. It effectively reduces surface tension.In addition, BYK-333 improves gloss and surface slip and provides anti-blocking properties in aqueous systems.

Although BYK-333 is a very good product, with the advancement of technology, there are already some products on the market that can be comparable to it, such as BZ-333 Polyether Modified Silicone Leveling Additive.

BZ-333 Leveling Additives
Camen Chemical Additives

BZ-333 leveling additive is a water-oil universal additive, which can effectively reduce the surface tension of coatings and printing inks and improve the wettability of the base. Moreover, BZ-333 has fast leveling speed, excellent anti-cratering effect, and also enhances surface smoothness and gloss.

Camen Chemical’s BZ-333 is not only comparable to BYK-333 with stable performance, but also has a surprising price that other manufacturers can’t offer, which can help your products have a huge space advantage in the competition.

Below are the descriptions of some of the BZ-333 product:

Composition: Polyether modified silicone polymer
Appearance: colourless to slightly yellow transparent liquid
Activation factor: ≥98%
Application scope: solvent-based coatings, industrial coatings, wood coatings, automotive coatings
Recommended dosage: 0.05-0.8% of the total formula

Characteristics and advantages:
BZ-333 leveling additives are versatile, water and oil universal, can reduce the surface tension of coatings and printing inks, improve the wettability of the substrate.
Fast leveling speed, excellent anti-shrinkage effect, excellent handfeel, increase surface slip and glossiness.

or you can go to this page to see the details: bz-333-leveling-additives
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