What are some good inkjet coating additives

Inkjet printing has transformed industries by delivering fast, high quality, fine print. Behind the stunning print results is a world of additives that optimise inkjet inks for superior performance, vibrancy and reliability. Let’s explore the realm of additives that enable inkjet inks to produce exceptional results.

Camen Chemical Additives

W-2195 Wetting and Dispersing Additive:
This additive ensures that pigments or particles are evenly suspended in the ink, preventing clogging and ensuring accurate colour reproduction, reducing pigment grinding time and preventing pigment flocculation.W-2195 wetting and dispersing additive has excellent resin compatibility, which reduces viscosity and provides flow, helping to achieve flawless, vibrant prints – the perfect combination of humectant, dispersant and fixative. It is a perfect humectant, dispersant and colour fixing additive.

BZ-333 Polyether Modified Levelling Agent:
This is an additive that is universal for water and oil and improves wettability. Inkjet printing relies on precise droplet formation. It reduces the surface tension of printing inks, allowing consistent droplet formation and placement on the substrate.BZ-333 contributes to ink levelling during ink production, provides excellent shrinkage prevention and increases surface dryness and gloss.This is a comprehensive additive with a combination of levelling properties, wetting properties, surface tension controlling agents, surface additives, and is suitable for use in many applications: solvent-borne coatings, industrial coatings, wood coatings, automotive coatings, etc.

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Inkjet printing is a combination of precision and creativity, and additives play a vital role in achieving both. From the dispersants that ensure uniform pigmentation to the levelling agents that ensure levelling properties, these additives work in tandem to create vibrant, precise and long-lasting prints.

At [Camen Chemical], we specialise in formulating additives for inkjet inks to enhance their performance and quality. Contact us to learn how our additives can enhance your inkjet printing experience and deliver prints that last.

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