Additives to Enhance the Performance of Industrial Coatings

General purpose industrial coatings are the guardians of durability, protection and aesthetics in a variety of applications. To enhance the performance and versatility of these coatings, industry has been in need of better additives. In this exploration, we’ll reveal the transformative impact of additives tailored to general industrial coatings, redefining adhesion, resistance and efficiency.
Camen Chemical Additives

The Science of Additives in General Industrial Coatings:
Additives are scientific catalysts that fine-tune the performance of general industrial coatings to make them resilient, adaptable and efficient. Let’s take a closer look at the synergies between industrial coatings and these specialised additives:

Enhanced Adhesion:
Formulated to enhance adhesion, ADP adhesion additives create a strong bond between the coating and the substrate, and their high temperature resistance (280°C), impact resistance and toughness ensure that the coating remains firmly attached to the substrate for a long time.

Improves gloss:
Specially formulated BZ-4010 wetting and dispersing additive strengthens the alignment of the coating, enabling it to meet the challenge of colouring power in a wide range of resins and ensuring excellent dispersion in a wide range of resins.

Anti-settling properties:
Designed for efficiency, 201P polyethylene wax anti-settling additive optimises every aspect, from shortening grinding times to leaving it on for long periods without settling, thus streamlining the production process, and it also provides resistance to yellowing and improves coating film feel.

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Universal industrial coatings additives transform performance:
Tailored additives redefine the performance of common industrial coatings, delivering benefits that reshape their role in a variety of applications:

Durable Protection: Resistance-enhancing additives transform coatings into rugged shields against weather, corrosion and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Reliable Adhesion: Adhesion-enhancing additives ensure that coatings adhere firmly to the substrate and maintain performance even under harsh conditions.

Simplified processes: Efficiency additives optimise production workflows by reducing cure times, improving flow and simplifying application.

In the dynamic field of general purpose industrial coatings, additives infuse coatings with qualities that redefine functionality and reliability. Whether it’s enhancing adhesion, improving abrasion resistance, optimising efficiency or championing sustainability, Camen Chemical additives epitomise innovation and pragmatism. Harness the potential of additives to push your general industrial coatings to new levels of durability, versatility and efficiency, ensuring that protection and performance coexist.

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