What is disperbyk-190

The additive disperses pigments through steric stabilization, leading to smaller particle sizes. This results in high gloss levels, improved color strength, increased transparency, and reduced viscosity.

Products Equivalent to DISPERBYK-190

DISPERBYK-190 is a VOC and solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive that can be used in aqueous coating systems and printing inks. Standard additive for pigment concentrates without binders. It improves gloss, reduces viscosity and is suitable for all pigments. This waterborne coating additive is technologically advanced in the field of chemical additives, and this guide will direct you to equivalent products to DISPERBYK-190.

Understand the need for an equivalent

Before you begin your search for a replacement dispersant for DISPERBYK-190, understanding the specific limitations or requirements of the dispersant in your formulation will help you determine the criteria for the replacement. Common reasons include: cost-effectiveness, performance improvement, environmental considerations or supply chain diversification. Determining the need and then finding the right product from the global marketplace begins with understanding the industry context.

Explore the Industry Background

In the world chemical additives industry, the countries with the dominant products are Germany, Japan, China, South Korea and the United States. But the most rapid development is China, the end of the last century, EFKA, BYK and other leading brands into the Chinese market, so that China’s coatings and inks additives industry in the 30 years of rapid development, in order to better participate in the competition of China’s huge market, China’s additives companies continue to introduce new high-performance products, performance and price more and more advantageous, and gradually in the world has a greater and greater influence.

One of the most influential companies in the Chinese market – Camen Chemical is one of the representatives. They not only have a R&D team led by more than 20 PhDs, but also co-operate with many famous universities for R&D. Throughout the Chinese market, there are nearly 1,000 coating and ink manufacturers cooperating with them, the reason is that their products not only have good performance, stable products, but also have a very advantageous price, and more importantly, they have been constantly innovating.

For example, DISPERBYK-190, which is the subject of this article, can be replaced by Camen Chemical’s W-2180 water-based wetting and dispersing agent (click here to view), which has the same performance as BYK-190.

How to Find Equivalent to DISPERBYK-190
Camen Chemical Wetting and Dispersing Additives

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W-2180 Waterborne Wetting and Dispersing Additive Functions

Like DISPERBYK-190, W-2180 waterborne wetting and dispersing additive is a polymer with pigment affinity groups that performs particularly well in aqueous coatings, aqueous pigment pastes, and aqueous inks. It increases the gloss of coatings, reduces viscosity, prevents pigment flocculation, and increases system storage stability.

Advantages of choosing W-2180 waterborne wetting and dispersing additive

W-2180 water-based wetting and dispersing agent does not contain alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether, easily soluble in water, dispersing performance is applicable to all pigments, especially for the dispersion of carbon black without resin system. Environmental protection can be passed.

Application Tests

W-2180 wetting and dispersing additives have been rigorously tested and used in nearly 1,000 companies in the Chinese market to ensure compatibility with a wide range of formulations. This compatibility minimises potential disruptions in the transition process.

W-2180 vs DISPERBYK-190: A Comparative Analysis

Dispersibilitysuitable for any pigment, especially for carbon blackgeneral purpose
Wettabilityexcellent wettabilitysame as the others
Recommended dosage:4-30%1-150%
Environmentally friendly or notyesunknown
CompatibilitySuitable for water-based paints, inks, colour pastespaints and inks

Is W-2180 Wetting and Dispersing Compound the right choice for you?

W-2180 wetting and dispersing additives have been well received in the Chinese market, so whether you are looking for performance, cost, or supply system enhancement, W-2180 will meet your needs. If you have different product needs, please contact us and we will be happy to develop a product for your formulation, all of which will give you an edge and more leeway in the marketplace.

In summary: Embrace innovation with W-2180 waterborne wetting and dispersing additives

In the ever-evolving field of specialty chemicals, the only way to replace or outperform existing products is through innovation, including cost considerations, performance improvements, etc. Camen Chemical offers products with impressive performance, compatibility, and stability that can positively impact the industry looking for additives for waterborne coatings. Embrace innovation and explore the possibilities of W-2180 wetting and dispersing additives over products like DISPERBYK-190.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q 1: What is W-2180 waterborne wetting and dispersing additive and how is it different from traditional additives?

W-2180 waterborne wetting and dispersing additive is a waterborne coating additive with good compatibility with a variety of waterborne formulation systems. It is suitable for dispersing a variety of pigments, reduces viscosity and prevents pigment flocculation.

Q 2: Can W-2180 aqueous wetting and dispersing additive be seamlessly integrated into various coating systems?

No. W-2180 aqueous wetting and dispersing additive is best suited for aqueous systems.

Q 3: Is W-2180 suitable for both industrial and residential applications?

Yes, W-2180 is suitable for both industrial and residential environments to meet a variety of needs.

Q 4: Is W-2180 waterborne wetting and dispersing agent environmentally friendly?

Yes, W-2180 is water soluble and meets environmental requirements.

Q 5: What is the future of coating technology using W-2180?

W-2180 is a kind of advanced technology of water-based coating products. To learn more about our products, please click here to view: Additives for coatings and inks. If the product does not meet your needs, please contact us with your questions, we have been at the top of the industry in the field of additives research and development, and we are confident that we can solve your formulation requirements.

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