What is DISPERBYK 163?

The additive disperses and stabilizes pigments through steric hindrance, ensuring uniform electrical charge among pigment particles. This prevents co-flocculation, resulting in even color distribution and preventing flood and float issues. Its deflocculating properties enhance gloss, color strength, transparency, and hiding power, while also reducing millbase viscosity.

Equivalent to DISPERBYK-163: Introducing BZ-263 Dispersant

In the chemistry of dispersion additives for coatings and inks, why is it that people are always looking for suitable alternatives to existing products? The main reason is that as the industry develops and innovates, previous products are not always suitable for the current environment and the current competition in the market requires more cost-effective and better quality products. Therefore, it is vital to find equivalents and alternatives. This article will introduce you to BZ-263 Carbon Black Dispersant and provide an insight into how it can be a potential alternative to DISPERBYK-163.

Introducing Product BZ-263 Dispersant (click to view)

BZ-263 Carbon Black Dispersant is an innovative polymer dispersant with pro-pigment groups designed to meet the needs of industries looking for an alternative to DISPERBYK-163. BZ-263 dispersant has unique properties for use with inorganic or organic pigments, and is particularly suited to the dispersion of carbon blacks.

BZ-263 Dispersing additives
Camen Chemical Additives

Function of BZ-263 Dispersant(click to view)

Similar to DISPERBYK-163, the BZ-263 product is used in a variety of applications for advanced automotive paints, advanced extra black furniture paints. It enhances dispersion and stability, increases paint gloss, reduces viscosity, and helps improve product quality and performance.

Advantages of Choosing BZ-263

BZ-263 has the same dispersing power as DISPERBYK-163, ensuring uniform dispersion and stability without compromising functionality.

Formulation Compatibility

To ensure that BZ-263 dispersants are compatible with a wide range of formulations, we have conducted rigorous testing to ensure compatibility with a wide range of formulations in the Chinese market (already in stable use by thousands of coating companies). This compatibility minimises potential disruptions in the transition process.

Innovation and Performance

In an age of advancing technology, BZ-263 embodies innovation and high performance to meet the evolving needs of formulation chemistry. BZ-263 can be adapted to the specific formulation of the customer’s product to meet their requirements.

BZ-263 vs DISPERBYK-163: Comparative Analysis

Dispersion CapabilityExceptional dispersion propertiesSimilar dispersion-enhancing capabilities
Stabilization AbilityEffective stabilization agentComparable stabilization properties
CompatibilityCompatible with diverse formulationsDemonstrated compatibility with formulations
Performance ParityMatches DISPERBYK-163’s dispersion and stabilizationConsistent performance in dispersion, stabilization

Is BZ-263 the Right Choice for You?

BZ-263 dispersant has become the alternative to DISPERBYK-163 in the Chinese market. Whether you are looking for stable dispersion or innovation, BZ-263 offers a solution that meets your formulation requirements. Consider BZ-263 dispersant for a seamless transition while maintaining the high standards of DISPERBYK-163.

Conclusion: Embracing Advancement with BZ-263

In the ever-evolving field of chemical additives, where innovation drives progress, BZ-263 dispersant, with its consistent performance, formulation compatibility, and innovative attributes, will have a positive impact on the industry looking for effective dispersant alternatives. Embrace progress and discover the possibilities offered by BZ-263 dispersant as a DISPERBYK-163 equivalent.


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