What is BYK-310?

The additive significantly decreases the surface tension of coating systems, enhancing substrate wetting and preventing cratering while also improving surface slip and gloss. BYK-310 is a thermally stable silicone additive that doesn’t decompose between 150°C and 230°C, unlike conventional silicones. This prevents adhesion loss and surface defects during recoating, avoiding issues caused by decomposition products of conventional silicones above 150°C.

Equivalent to BYK-310: Introducing BZ-602 Leveling

In the field of surface additive chemistry for coatings and inks, why is it that people are always looking for suitable alternatives to existing products? The main reason is that as the industry develops and innovates, previous products are not always suitable for the current environment and the current competitive market demands more cost-effective and better quality products. Therefore, it is vital to find equivalent products and alternatives. In this article, we will introduce you to BZ-602 polydimethylsiloxane leveling aid and provide an insight into how it can be used as an alternative to BYK-310.

Introducing Products BZ-602 Leveling Compound(Click to view)

BZ-602 dimethicone levelling additive is suitable for solvent-free and solvent-borne coatings, UV coatings, industrial baking paints, etc. It effectively reduces the surface tension of coatings and printing inks. In addition, BZ-602 has fast leveling speed, good anti-cratering effect and excellent high temperature resistance, no degradation at 250℃.

Introducing BZ-602 as an Equivalent to BYK-310

The Role of BZ-602(Click to view)

Similar to BYK-310, BZ-602 products can be used as additives in a variety of applications, where enhanced rheology control and the elimination of orange peel and shrinkage can help improve product quality and performance.

Advantages of Choosing BZ-602

Equivalent performance: BZ-602 has higher performance than BYK-310, ensuring that rheology control and high temperature resistance are not compromised.

Formulation Compatibility

The product BZ-602 has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with a wide range of formulations. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of formulations available in the Chinese market (thousands of coating companies are already using it consistently). This compatibility minimises potential disruptions in the transition process.

Innovation and Adaptability

In an ever-changing environment, BZ-602 demonstrates innovation and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of formulation chemistry.BZ-602 can be adapted to meet customer requirements by adapting it to the specific formulation of the customer’s product.

BZ-602 vs BYK-310: Comparative Analysis

Rheology ControlEffective rheology control propertiesSimilar rheology control capabilities
High temperature resistance250℃210℃
Recommended dosage0.1-0.6%0.05-0.5%
Equal performanceSimilarSimilar

Is BZ-602 the Right Choice for You?

BZ-602 leveling additive has become the alternative to BYK-310 in the Chinese market. Whether you are looking for surface stabilisation or innovation, BZ-602 has the solution to meet your formulation requirements. With BZ-602 leveling additives, you can maintain the high standards of BYK-310 while achieving a seamless transition.

Conclusion: Embracing Progress with BZ-602

In the ever-evolving world of chemical additives, progress comes through innovation, and BZ-602 modified organopolydimethylsiloxane leveling additives, with their consistent performance, formulation compatibility and adaptability, are making a positive impact on industries looking for effective alternatives. Embrace progress and explore the possibilities offered by BZ-602 as an equivalent to BYK-310.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is BZ-602, and how does it differentiate from traditional additives?

BZ-602 is a solvent and solvent-free levelling additive that eliminates film problems such as orange peel, shrinkage, and pinholes, and has excellent high temperature resistance.

Q2: Can BZ-602 be seamlessly integrated into various coating systems?

BZ-602 is designed to integrate effortlessly into a variety of coating systems, making it an adaptable choice across industries.

Q3: How does BZ-602 contribute to environmental sustainability?

BZ-602 indirectly promotes sustainability by reducing the need for frequent recoating.

Q4: Is BZ-602 suitable for both industrial and residential applications?

BZ-602 has been used in both industrial and residential environments, offering benefits to meet a variety of needs.

Q5: What does the future hold for coating technology with additives like BZ-602?

BZ-602 leveling additive is a revolutionary new product that offers versatility and high performance.


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