What is BYK-307?

The additive significantly lowers the surface tension of the system, enhancing substrate wetting and preventing cratering, while also improving surface slip and gloss. BYK-307 is a highly effective silicone additive suitable for wetting challenging substrates. Its solvent-free nature makes it preferable for systems requiring such additives or specific solvents in intermediate products.

Equivalent to BYK-307: Introducing BZ-333 Leveling

In the field of surface additive chemistry for coatings and inks, why is it that people are always looking for suitable alternatives to existing products? The main reason is that, as the industry develops and innovates, previous products are not always suitable for the current environment and the current competition in the market demands more cost-effective and better quality products. Therefore, it is vital to find equivalent products and alternatives. This article introduces you to BZ-333 polyether-modified leveling compound and provides an insight into how it can be used as an alternative to BYK-307.

Introducing BZ-333 Leveling Compound (click to view)

BZ-333 polyether-modified leveling additive is a water-oil universal additive that effectively reduces the surface tension of coatings and printing inks and improves the wettability of the substrate. In addition, BZ-333 has fast leveling speed, good anti-cratering effect, and can also improve surface smoothness and gloss.

Introducing BZ-333 as an Equivalent to BYK-307

Role of BZ-333 Leveling Additive(click to view)

Similar to BYK-307, BZ-333 is used as a leveling additive in a variety of applications, especially in coatings and paints. It helps improve product quality and performance by enhancing properties such as surface protection and anti-slip characteristics.

Advantages of choosing BZ-333

Equivalent performance: BZ-333 offers equivalent performance to BYK-307, ensuring that surface tension reduction and wettability functions are not compromised.
Price advantage: The price of BZ-333 is much lower than BYK-331, which greatly reduces production costs and gives it a better market position.

Formulation Compatibility

BZ-333 leveling additives have been fully tested for compatibility with a wide range of formulations. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of formulations available in the Chinese market (thousands of coating companies are already using it stably). This compatibility minimises potential disruptions during the transition process.

Innovation and Performance

In an ever-changing environment, BZ-333 is innovative and adaptable to meet the evolving needs of formulation chemistry.BZ-333 can be adapted to meet the specific formulation of a customer’s product.

BZ-333 vs BYK-331: Comparative Analysis

Surface TensionEffective ReductionSimilar
Recommended dosage0.05-0.8 %0.1-1%
CompatibilityCompatible with diverse formulationsSolvent-free
Equal PerformanceConsistentConsistent

Is BZ-333 the Right Choice for You?

BZ-333 leveling additive has become the replacement for BYK-307 in the Chinese market. Whether you are looking for a stabilised surface finish or innovation, BZ-333 offers a solution to meet your formulation requirements. Consider using BZ-333 leveling aid for a seamless transition while maintaining the high standards of BYK-307.

In Summary: Embrace Progress with BZ-333 Polyether Modified Leveling Additive

In the ever-evolving field of chemical additives, innovation drives progress, and BZ-333 polyether-modified leveling additives, with their consistent performance, formulation compatibility and adaptability, can have a positive impact on industries seeking effective alternatives. Embrace progress and explore the possibilities offered by BZ-333 as an alternative to BYK-307.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What is BZ-333, and how does it differentiate from traditional additives?

BZ-333 is an innovative surface leveling additive that goes beyond traditional coatings by reducing surface tension, improving substrate wettability, levelling fast and preventing shrinkage.

Q2: Can BZ-333 be seamlessly integrated into various coating systems?

Certainly! BZ-333 is designed to integrate effortlessly into a variety of coating systems, making it ideal for a wide range of industries.

Q3: How does BZ-333 contribute to environmental sustainability?

By extending the life of the coated surface, BZ-333 indirectly contributes to sustainability by reducing the need for frequent recoating.

Q4: Is BZ-333 suitable for both industrial and residential applications?

Of course, BZ-333 is useful in both industrial and residential environments, offering benefits to meet a variety of needs.

Q5: What is the future of coatings technology using BZ-333 leveling additives?

The future is very promising! With leveling additives like BZ-333, we can foresee coatings becoming more advanced, versatile and transformative.


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