What is BYK W-985

W-985 Wetting and dispersing additive for ambient-curing resin systems and adhesives to reduce viscosity in mineral-filled systems.

How to find equivalent to BYK-W 985?

BYK-W 985 is a wetting and dispersing additive for ambient-curing resin systems and adhesives that reduces the viscosity of mineral-filled systems. The main effect is to reduce the viscosity to achieve the effect of adding more filler. Due to the market environment, many manufacturers are looking for a better product than BYK-W 985. This guide will introduce you to BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant, a better epoxy dispersant than BYK-W 985.

Understanding the Origin of BZ-2193 Epoxy Dispersant

The world’s leading companies in the chemical additives industry are located in Germany, Japan, China, Korea and the United States. However, the most rapid development has been in China. At the end of the last century, leading brands such as EFKA, BYK, and TEGO entered the Chinese market, resulting in the rapid development of China’s coatings and inks additives industry over a period of more than 30 years.

من أجل المشاركة بشكل أفضل في المنافسة الضخمة في السوق الصينية، تواصل شركات الإضافات الصينية تقديم منتجات جديدة عالية الأداء والأداء والسعر أكثر فائدة، وتدريجيا في العالم لها تأثير متزايد.

واحدة من الشركات الأكثر تأثيرا في السوق الصينية – كامين كيميكال is one of the representatives. They not only have a R&D team led by more than 20 PhDs, but also co-operate with many famous universities in research and development. Throughout the Chinese market, there are nearly 1,000 coating and ink manufacturers cooperating with them, the reason is that their products not only have good performance and stability, but also have a very advantageous price, and more importantly, they have been constantly innovating.

For example, the wetting and dispersing additive in this article that we are looking for is the equivalent of BYK-W 985, which can be replaced with Camen Chemical BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant (click here to view), which is more versatile than BYK-W 985 and is suitable for use in a variety of industries.

تقديم BZ-2193 Epoxy DIspersing كمكافئ لـ BYK-W 985
Camen Chemical Epoxy wetting and dispersing additives

BZ-2193 Epoxy Dispersant Features

BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant is composed of a special polyester polymer that performs well in epoxy, industrial, and can coatings. It quickly disperses pigments, reduces coating viscosity, allows for better filler addition, and is less prone to coarsening.

Advantages of BZ-2193 Epoxy Dispersant

BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant is particularly suitable for wetting and dispersing of epoxy coatings. It reduces viscosity and provides fluidity, has excellent anti-flocculation properties, and most importantly, is not easily coarsened, and is suitable for a wide range of pigments.

اختبارات التطبيق

BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant has been rigorously tested and used by nearly 1,000 companies in the Chinese market to ensure its use in industrial, can and epoxy coatings formulations. Suitable for use in a wide range of formulations, this compatibility minimises potential disruptions in the transition process.

BZ-2193 vs. BYK-W 985: Comparative Analysis

معاييرBZ-2193YK-W 985
Dispersing PropertiesFast dispersingنفس
Viscosity ReductionGood viscosity reduction and provides flowViscosity reduction
الجرعة الموصى بهاitanium dioxide, organic pigments, carbon black, full volume (0.3-50%)0.5-1.5%
التطبيقات الموصى بهاIndustrial coatings, can coatings, epoxy coatingsMinerals

Is BZ-2193 Epoxy Dispersant right for you?

BZ-2193 Epoxy Dispersant (click here to view) has been well received in the Chinese market, so whether you are looking for wetting and dispersing properties, or improved viscosity and flocculation, BZ-2193 Epoxy Dispersant will meet your needs. If you have different product requirements, please اتصل بنا وسنكون سعداء بتطوير منتج يناسب تركيبتك، وكل ذلك سيمنحك ميزة ومساحة أكبر للمناورة في السوق.

In short: with BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant, try an additive that combines multiple properties in one!

In the ever-evolving field of specialty chemicals, the only way to replace or outperform existing products is through innovation, including cost considerations, performance improvements, etc. Camen Chemical offers products with impressive performance, compatibility, and stability that can positively impact industries looking for more cost-effective epoxy wetting and dispersing agents. Embrace innovation and explore the possibilities of BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant compared to dispersants such as BYK-W 985.


أسئلة مكررة

Q 1: What is BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant and how is it different from traditional additives?

BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant has excellent wetting and dispersing properties, viscosity reduction, coarsening prevention, and flocculation resistance, and is suitable for use in industrial, can, epoxy, and other performance-tunable systems. Compared with traditional additives, it is undoubtedly a multifunctional product.

Q 2: Can BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant be seamlessly combined with various coating systems?

Absolutely. In our tests, it has been used in a variety of coating systems, such as industrial coatings, can coatings, epoxy coatings, and more.

Q 3: Is BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant suitable for both industrial and household systems?

Yes, BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant can be used for a variety of needs.

Q 4: What is the future of coatings technology using BZ-2193 epoxy dispersant?

BZ-2193 is an advanced wetting and dispersing technology for epoxy coatings. To learn more about our product, click here: الطلاءات وإضافات الحبر. If a product does not meet your needs, please اتصل بنا من خلال أسئلتك، نحن نتصدر الصناعة في مجال البحث والتطوير الإضافي ونستكشف دائمًا المزيد من الاستخدامات المضافة غير المعروفة، ونحن على ثقة من أننا قادرون على حل احتياجاتك في التركيبة.


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