As a leading coatings additives company in China, we have recently undergone significant transformations that have bolstered our position in the industry. The Zhejiang Lin’an Fusheng Coating Auxiliaries Co. in 2019 and acquisitions of Taiwan Eudon Enterprise International Co. in 2020 have provided us with a substantial boost, enabling us to expand our capabilities, strengthen our offerings, and fuel our ambitions for international and domestic development. In this essay, we will explore our company’s strengths, future goals, and international reach, showcasing our commitment to excellence and our determination to thrive on the global stage.

2008 Holding Nanjing Yilong Chemical Co., Ltd. for the production of high-end environmentally friendly solvents.

2019 Consolidation Zhejiang Lin’an Fusheng Coating Auxiliaries Co.

Camen Chemical Acquisition History

2020 Acquisition of Taiwan Eudon Enterprise International Co.

In order to further optimize the layout of the industrial chain, explore new potential profit growth points and promote the rapid and high-quality development of the company, Nanxiong Camen Chemical Co. officially acquired Taiwan International Youngdong Enterprise Co.

Taiwan Eudon was established in 1967, mainly engaged in resin, auxiliaries, special intermediates and other products, the company is rooted in Taiwan, developed in mainland China and radiated globally, decades of pioneering, has formed a mature product system, complete organizational structure and a large marketing network.

Nanxiong Camen Chemical said that this acquisition is mainly based on the company’s recognition of the product technology and future development of Taiwan Yudong, which is in line with the company’s overall development strategic plan and is conducive to enhancing the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.

Through this acquisition, Camen Chemical will leverage the technical strength and international influence of the brand of Taiwan International Eudon Enterprise, combined with Camen Chemical’s strong hardware and powerful domestic marketing network to form a domestic and international dual-brand marketing strategy to achieve a synergistic effect, enhance the company’s influence in the chemical additives industry, expand the application of the company’s products in the chemical industry, and strive to become the domestic coating and ink additives industry within three to five years We aim to become a leading company in the coating and ink additives industry in China within three to five years.

Future Goals:
We aim to expand our international footprint, penetrate new markets, and forge strategic partnerships with key players worldwide. By leveraging our enhanced capabilities and expertise, we will position ourselves as a preferred supplier of coatings additives on the global stage.

Camen Chemical recent acquisitions and strengthened position have paved the way for our ambitious future goals. One of our primary objectives is to establish ourselves as a global leader in the coatings additives industry.

Additionally, we are committed to driving sustainable development within the industry. We recognize the importance of environmental responsibility and aim to develop eco-friendly additives that minimize the environmental impact without compromising performance. By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to meet the growing demand for greener solutions and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Moreover, our expanded manufacturing capabilities and product portfolio have positioned us to cater to the needs of customers worldwide. Our coatings additives are designed to meet global standards, ensuring compatibility and effectiveness in various markets. With our enhanced offerings, we are ready to serve customers beyond China and establish long-term partnerships with international companies in the coatings industry.

To further support our international reach, we will focus on enhancing our distribution networks and strengthening our brand presence through targeted marketing and promotional efforts. By cultivating strong relationships with distributors and end-users globally, we aim to become a trusted and preferred partner for coatings additives.

With our strengths in research and development, manufacturing capabilities, and talented team, we are poised for future success.

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