Выставка Nanxiong Camen Chemical 2020 в Гуандуне

The 25th edition of Chinacoat was successfully held in Zone A of the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangdong Nanxiong. Every year Chinacoat brings cutting-edge technical knowledge and new technological equipment in the coatings industry to industry users, bringing together exhibitors and visitors from all over the world and providing a broad platform for communication.

This year’s Chinacoat was held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangdong Exhibition , covering six exhibition halls, with over 750 exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions present at the show. During the exhibition, CHINACOAT organisers to set up on-site industry interviews and live broadcasts to provide an in-depth insight into the different insights of exhibitors into the coatings industry.

As a leading production auxiliary company in the coating industry, Guangdong  Camen Chemical attended the International Coatings Exhibition. Camen Chemical is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, mainly engaged in high-end coating additives and ink additives. At the exhibition, organisers conducted an interview with Shijun Zhu, General Manager of Guangdong Camen Chemical Co.

When it comes to the main products in the market in 2020, Shijun Zhu believes that the main products are coating and ink additives, as well as UV resins. He said that Camen Chemical’s products are mainly positioned in the high-end market, especially in the fields of industrial paints and wood paints. In terms of defoaming release for high thickness coating of wood paint, Camen Chemical is at the forefront of coating auxiliaries in the country, which can quickly release the air bubbles in the deep hole wood grain of the paint, and there are no side effects, and the application is very convenient. In terms of market response, Camen Chemical has done exchanges and experiments with some large paint companies, and the product has achieved obvious results and reached the expected target.

Shijun Zhu, General Manager of Camen Chemical, mentioned that Camen Chemical will exhibit every year, taking the participation as a platform and window for the company’s external publicity, and needs to participate in the exhibition to exchange and play a role in promoting the promotion. Camen Chemical will launch new products with advantages every year, such as the deep-hole wood grain defoamer launched this year, as well as the super anti-slip hand agent and excellent viscosity-reducing epoxy dispersant, which are very important and practical for industrial and wood paints in the coating industry

Guangdong Exhibition
industrial paints and wood paints coating and ink additives

Shijun Zhu, CEO of Guangdong Nanxiong Camen Chemical Co

The outbreak and spread of the New Crown epidemic in early 2020 brought changes that took most companies by surprise. Camen Chemical actively fought the epidemic and was the first to initiate emergency production of disinfection products. With the approval of the municipal government, Camen Chemical gave away approximately $1 million in epidemic prevention materials to the Ministry of Education, schools and factories. In addition, Camen Chemical actively explored the market and acquired Taiwan Eudon International Auxiliaries in the face of the severe epidemic situation this year, to which Shijun Zhu said that there are often opportunities in crises, and the acquisition was based on recognition of Taiwan Eudon’s product technology and future development. In terms of technology, Camen Chemical has increased its investment in technology by building a new technology research and development centre in Nanxiong, Guangdong, specifically for product development and testing. Camen Chemical has entered into an industry-university-research collaboration with South China University of Technology and Beijing Polytechnic University, which is now in the testing stage. South China University of Technology’s silicone technology is very advanced in the national industry with strong academics. Camen Chemical has overcome the impact of the epidemic, and through hard work and new product launches, including team building and market layout, it has managed to buck the trend, and according to Camen Chemical’s statistics, the figures for November 2020 have increased by 20% – 30% compared to the same period last year.

Shijun Zhu used the term “innovation and change” to summarise the current situation of the coatings industry. He believes that change is a constant topic, and that innovation and change are the pursuit of Camen Chemical.Camen Chemical continues to persevere and innovate in the area of coating additives excellence. Shijun Zhu said that the application of coatings cannot be separated from technological innovation, a good coating needs innovative additives to make up for the effect of using the coating surface, so Camen Chemical has done several aspects of innovation, including the annual launch of new products. Only by being at the forefront can we more easily gain recognition in the market and bring about the goals needed for the development of the coatings industry.

As a newly emerging technology-based company, Camen Chemical was founded in 2001. Up to now, Camen Chemical has technically confirmed and purchased with most of the large domestic corporate coating customers. Along with the development of the coating industry, the silicone leveling agents, defoamers, polymer leveling agents, titanium dioxide dispersants, carbon black dispersants, etc. developed by Jiaming Chemical are in the forefront in China, and even many products have surpassed foreign countries; epoxy primer thick coating defoamer, HD defoamer for surface, silicone additives, etc. have been in line with international standards.

Shijun Zhu mentioned that no matter which industry is the rapids, no progress is retreat. 2020 early, Camen Chemical made a good layout, including the acquisition of industry Zhejiang Fusheng coating additives company, the acquisition of Taiwan Youdong additives as technology to enhance, and market network points to strengthen the layout.

Camen Chemical 2021 strategic objectives are additives on this front, coating additives are indispensable components of coatings, which can improve the production process, maintain storage stability, improve construction conditions, improve product quality and give special features. Reasonable and correct choice of additives can reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.

Next, Camen Chemical will be bigger and stronger on the basis of mergers and acquisitions and acquisition of the road, with good products, plant and factory docking services to develop a strategic market layout in the future; secondly, after the epidemic improved the network marketing layout to the Southeast Asian market and even the international market; finally, Camen Chemical also plans to the original focus on furniture paint, wood paint additives dispersion part to industrial, automotive coatings, epoxy flooring, expand water-based, UV, etc., to do a good job in the coating auxiliaries industry guidance role, and strive to become the domestic coating ink auxiliaries industry national brand.

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