BZ-202 Wetting Dispersing Additives


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Құрамы: Polymer block polymer

Сыртқы түрі: Ашық сары мөлдір сұйықтық

Белсенді ингредиент: 100%

Қолданбалар: Industrial coatings, wood coatings, anticorrosive coatings, coil coatings, inks,

Ұсынылатын доза: Inorganic pigment: 1.0-5.0%;Organic pigment: 10-50%;to the full amount: 0.2-2.0%.

Қолданылуы: To obtain the full effect, please test the most appropriate dosage before use, and add it before grinding.

Сипаттамалары мен артықшылықтары:

1、BZ-202 Wetting Dispersing Additives has special wetting effect on bentonite preformed slurry, and has good fluidity to coordinate activated preformed slurry.

2、It has good dispersion and anti-settling effect on filler, and it can be directly put and added like resin in the production process.

Improve the production efficiency.

3、It can reduce the surface tension between the pigment and the base material, improve the wetting ability of the base material and the pigment, and strengthen the grinding effect.

Reduce the dispersing time.

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    Пакет: 25KG non-recycled blue plastic drum.

    Before the product is not completely empty, the lid should be tightened after use.

    Сақтау орны: Keep away from heat source and light source and keep away from light.

    Precautions: Please carefully evaluate the relative usage amount before use.

    The above information is based on the product, due to the producer’s formula, production process, construction conditions are different, the above statement is for reference only.

    The company does not assume any legal responsibility, please test the dosage before use.

    The company has the right to improve its own products, any changes in its specifications, without prior notice.

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