BZ-268 Dispersing Additives


Composition: polymeric block copolymer with pigment-friendly groups
Appearance: Light yellow transparent liquid
Activation factor: 50%
Applications: PU coatings, NC coatings, UN coatings, epoxy coatings, industrial coatings, inks, etc.
Recommended dosage:

Inorganic pigments; Organic pigments; Carbon black ;For full volume
         1-20%               ;        20-50%            ;      20-100%    ;      0.1-1.0%

Method of use:
The resin and dispersant should be pre-mixed, then the solvent should be added slowly with stirring until it is dissolved evenly, the pigment should be added after the additives are added, please test the appropriate amount before use.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • BZ-268 Dispersing Additives is especially suitable for the dispersion of high pigment and medium pigment carbon black, the viscosity reduction is particularly excellent, the colour spreading is very good, the ground carbon black paste is darker and brighter than other dispersants, and other colours are more vivid.
  •  It also has excellent dispersion performance for titanium dioxide, which can effectively reduce the viscosity of the system and improve the whiteness of titanium dioxide.

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    PACKAGING: 25KG non-returnable blue drum.
    Before the product is completely empty, the lid must be tightly closed after use.

    Storage: Keep away from heat and light sources and keep away from light.

    Caution: Please carefully assess the exact amount to be used in the paint system before use.

    The above information is based on the product. The above statements are for reference only as the producer’s formula, production process and construction conditions differ.
    We do not accept any legal responsibility and would be grateful if you could test the dosage before use.
    The Company reserves the right to make improvements to its own products and to make any changes to its specifications without prior notice.

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