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Our strengths

2000 میں قائم کیا گیا، کیمن کیمیکل ایک ہائی ٹیک انٹرپرائز ہے جو سائنسی تحقیق، پیداوار اور فروغ کو مربوط کرتا ہے۔ Zhuji کیمیکل پارک، Nanxiong City، Shaoguan، Guangdong صوبے میں واقع، کمپنی بنیادی طور پر اعلی درجے کی کوٹنگ اور سیاہی کے اضافے میں مصروف ہے، جس نے کوٹنگ کی صنعت کی ترقی کے ساتھ ساتھ چین کی کوٹنگ کی صنعت کی ترقی میں شاندار تعاون کیا ہے۔

After more than twenty years of development, Camen Chemical has built a modern factory covering an area of over 50 acres, which meets national safety and environmental standards. We have world-class production facilities and laboratory equipment, as well as more than twenty full-time technical research and development engineers. We maintain long-term contacts and cooperation with chemical colleges and chemical research institutes across the country. We have developed and optimised over thirty series and over two hundred products covering almost all additives required for coatings and inks.

For example: Dispersion Rheology Defoamer Waterborne Coating Additives

  • Best qualityStandard production
  • Customised auxiliariesRapid development
  • Sales leaderSurprise prices
  • EfficiencyAstonishing speed


What We Did?

23+Years of Experience
30+Expert Engineers
700++Branches in World
200MAnnual sales


What CEO Say?

Customised additives

Our offers tailored solutions for your coatings and ink needs. With our expertise in chemistry, we develop personalized additives to optimize performance, durability, and visual appeal of your products.

Rapid production

Rapid production through our efficient manufacturing processes. Our streamlined operations and advanced technology enable us to produce high quality coatings and ink additives quickly and to ensure consistent additive excellence and functionality.

Timely delivery

Trust us to deliver your additives on time. Our well-organised logistics and reliable supply chain management ensure that your products are shipped and delivered on time, meeting your project schedules and minimising disruption to your business.

Rapid response service Piping Systems

Experience our rapid response service to your coatings and ink additives requirements. Our dedicated team is ready to address your enquiries, provide technical support and offer timely solutions to meet your urgent needs, ensuring seamless productivity and customer satisfaction.