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The 28th China International Coatings Exhibition (CICEC) in Shanghai 2023

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Established in 2000, Guangdong Camen Chemical is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and promotion. Headquartered in ZhuJi Chemical Park, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province, the company specializes in high-end coating auxiliaries and ink additives.

Camen Chemical, after twenty years of development, has built more than 30,000 square meters of modern plant in line with national safety and environmental standards. With world-class production equipment and experimental equipment, more than 20 full-time technical research engineers, and South China University of Technology and other institutions and chemical research institutes to maintain long-term contact and cooperation.

2020, March 2020 Camen Chemical successful acquisition of the Taiwan International Yudong enterprise, the marriage of Zhejiang Fusheng coatings auxiliaries, the road of mergers and acquisitions thus began. At present, the company has optimized more than 30 series of products, more than 200 varieties, covering almost all the additives required for coatings and inks.

Camen Chemical advocates “people-oriented”, health, environmental protection, green as the theme, technological innovation as the life, stable quality as the cornerstone, customer first for the purpose; Jiaming people hard work, pragmatism and responsibility to assume the role of laying down the chemical industry Camen Chemical’s position as a leader, to create a hundred years of “Camen Chemical “national brand.

About Camen Chemical
About Camen Chemical


We treat every exhibition with great care and do not miss any detail, just like our well-designed showroom, which highlights the atmosphere in simplicity and integrates Chinese elements in fashion.

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Exhibition Hall Location

Hall E5, Area 8

Booth No.

E5, G77 (Invitation Code: D6VZ6HVJ )

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November 15th – November 17th, 2023


Shanghai New International Expo Center


It has always been our vision to do a good job with every product, and for this reason, we continue to innovate and surpass, aiming to bring you better products and services.

This time, we will not forget to present the special products that will make you take action:

● Epoxy dispersant BZ-110A

● UV dispersant BZ-2209

● Carbon Black Dispersant BZ-2330A

● Epoxy defoamer BZ-6800A

● 100% Organic Silicon Special Effect Antifoamer BZ-5600

● UV defoamer BZ-4920

● Water and oil universal substrate wetting additives OP-8020A

● Polyether silicone leveling additives BZ-733

● Polyester leveling additives BZ-6250

● Water-based carbon black dispersant 2431W

● Water-based anti-sinking slurry W-692

● Water-based anti-sinking rheology additives AS-100TW

● Water-based epoxy phosphate W-803

● Water-based texture additives Y-809

● Water-based conductive additives BZ-35

● Water-based universal touch additives BZ-6300

● Fumed Silica T-200

● Resin-free matte paste Y-600

▲2023 Caman New Product Series

Thank you very much for your continuous attention and support to Camen Chemical.
Welcome all new and old customers and industry professionals to visit our booth and negotiate!

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